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Yay! I subscribed to ipsy!


So, I’ve been reading about ipsy and Birtchbox, and decided to subscribe to one of them. I choose ipsy, because in general, the reviews were MUCH better, and they come with a cute bag :). Hopefully it will give me more things to review, and be worth my Ten Bucks.

Anyways, that’s not my blog post for today. I found an adorable nail polish, Boogie Nights by Sinful Colors. It was really popular a few years back, and it’s an amazing coral color. It would look perf with a dark purple tee or blouse, or even a wine colored dress. Here’s a pic::::

Hit or Miss???? Comment below!





Author: Sydney

I like twizzlers.

2 thoughts on “Yay! I subscribed to ipsy!

  1. HIT! I love the Sinful Colors – affordable and so vivid. oh & I have both BB & Ipsy and you went with the right one, Ipsy is awesome!

  2. This is second blog about sinful colours i have read today. I sooo want to have these yumm colours !

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